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Looking at building a new home? Appletech Design & Construction, Inc. specializes in design/build custom homes.

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Does your current home need some upgrades? Appletech Design & Construction, Inc.’s remodeling services can make your home more comfortable!

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Running out of room in your current home? Appletech Design & Construction, Inc. can expand your living space by adding rooms onto your current structure.

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Appletech Design & Construction has been in business since 1979 executing projects such as new homes, new garages, metal building garages, remodeling, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, finished basement, screened in porches, four season rooms, decks, siding, doors, windows, egress windows, drywall, ceiling texture, painting, interior doors and trim, custom doors, trim and stairways, ADA compliant remodels, concrete, retaining walls and home repairs. If you can dream it up we can make the project a reality. We work with several Architect and Engineers in this area, if your project requires their services.

Our quality of work and dependability can be seen around our community in many different types of projects. Our core group of three Foreman and two Estimators have a combined total of 75+ years of experience. We take pride in our work and want you to be pleased with the finished project.

The way a project starts is with your ideas sketched on a napkin, verbal description, and pictures from Pinterest, Houzz or other sources. Our Estimator will come to you house and discuss your project with you, take notes and measurements. We will also discuss your expected budget. The next step is for us to create your drawings and plans. Most of the time there are several versions to choose from. Once the plans are set, we work up a detailed estimate and then discuss it with you. All estimates are free of charge. Additions to and subtractions from the estimate will be done at this time to arrive at a budget that is acceptable to you. We follow up this process with a signed contract and scheduling. For scheduling, we will take in to account your schedule, our schedule, and weather (if it is an outside project).

Typically, a Superintendent and a Foreman are assigned for each project. The Superintendent’s role is to make sure the project moves along in a smooth manor working in conjunction with the Estimator, the Foreman and you to make sure material is available when needed and questions are answered. It takes a team to make sure all of the pieces come together to make a successful project.

Appletech Design & Construction offers short term loans through EnerBank USA. EnerBank works only with construction related loans. You can discuss this process with our estimating team member.